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Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte is a 6-year-old girl who adores swinging at the park with her friends, playing dress up, and most of all, loves unicorns. She says that unicorns are magical and she would love to ride one and tell it, “I love you!” Make-A-Wish knew the perfect magical unicorn who wanted to meet Charlotte, too!

To begin her wish, Charlotte, alongside her mom and dad, arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota. That night, the family enjoyed a dinner with all of Charlotte’s favorite foods! The next morning, Charlotte became a professional cupcake decorator with Pastry Chef Amy and her team; completely decked out in her own purple chef’s uniform.

Afterward, Charlotte and her mom Estela became princesses at the Ritz Carlton’s spa. And at dinner, the family met Cinderella – where she received a unicorn dress and headband for a very important excursion!

The next day, Charlotte spent an unforgettable morning meeting a unicorn! She finally got her chance to ride the unicorn and feed him magical unicorn food. The smile on her face was priceless. The unicorn and Charlotte were inseparable, matching in their flower headdresses!

The fun continued with a trip to the Mote Marine Aquarium and a day at the beach. Charlotte and her family had a spectacular time and made memories that will last a lifetime!

15 years old
I wish… to have a tool shed!
Matthew’s Story

Matthew is a 15-year-old boy who loves being the “man of the house.”  His grandfather taught him how to work with tools mow the lawn at an early age. Just before starting the wish process, Matthew and his family relocated to Florida only to find out his new home does not have enough storage for his tools.

Matthew wished for a tool shed and worked alongside the Make-A-Wish team to completely
customize every part of the shed from layout and size to colors.  He specifically requested the shed to have a garage door and ramp so that after mowing the lawn he can drive his ride on lawnmower up into the shed.

Last summer, Matthew’s wish was granted. Work on Matthew’s tool shed began at 7:00 am with the help of many team members. At 5:00 pm the shed was completed and wrapped-up like a present for the big revel. Matthew and his family could barely stand
waiting for the reveal; they were so excited! Matthew was blown away and loved exploring his new tool shed.  He is so excited to have a new home for his lawnmower and tools.

6 years old
I wish… to be an ice cream man!
Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt is a 6-year-old boy that is just like any other kid his age. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was during this time that Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida stepped in to grant Wyatt a wish.

“We talked about everything from Lego’s to potato chips in trying to decide what his wish might be when he suddenly jumped up and said ‘Ice Cream Man’, and that became his wish.”

On his wish day Wyatt was greeted by the sound of an ice cream truck. The truck had been re-done with a brand new logo that looked just like Wyatt! Ice cream truck driver Jerry, Wyatt, little brother, and mom all hopped inside of the truck and headed out for a drive to the park.

At the park Wyatt was greeted to a crowd of hungry patrons eagerly waiting to purchase ice cream from him. Jerry showed him the ropes and let Wyatt take charge. “He’s definitely hired!” said Jerry. It was a day Wyatt will never forget!

18 years old
I wish… to have a truck restoration!
Joshua’s Story

Joshua grew up driving with his parents in their 1993 Chevy Silverado. Joshua now lives with his grandparents and cherishes the truck. Joshua wished to have his truck restored so he would be able to drive it and have a great reminder of his mother.

Joshua’s truck wish list included a clean interior, paint job, new tires with rims, steering wheel, and a stereo with Bluetooth. Joshua worked with the mechanic, Michael, during the restoration process, but did not get to see the finished product until his wish reveal party.

On reveal day, Joshua, along with his friends, family, and the Mayor of Eustis, excitedly awaited the arrival of Joshua’s truck!  It was the moment Joshua had been waiting for; his restored 1993 pickup had arrived. It was everything Joshua had hoped for and more! Since the restoration, the truck allows Joshua to live a more free and independent life.

8 years old
I wish… to be a Power Ranger and fight bad guys!
Claude’s Story

Claude is an 8- year-old boy who loves the Power Rangers. For his wish, he wanted to go on a shopping spree and fight “bad guys” while dressed as a Red Power Ranger.

On his wish day, a limo picked Claude and his family up from his house. First, they went to stores such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Big Lots. Claude bought Power Ranger toys and figurines. Then, for lunch, they headed to Dave and Busters.

Little did they know, Dr. Destructo was taking over Dave and Busters! Claude had to fight three scientists to get to Dr. Destructo. The other Power Rangers showed up to help Claude save the day, but they were taken under Dr. Destructo’s spell and Claude had to smash the mind-controlling device in order for the spell to stop!

In the end, Claude defeated Dr. Destructo and saved the day!